The Sugar Mill, Riopaila S.A, founded in 1928, is the first in the world to industrially produce SUKKAR® cane juice concentrate utilizing the patented process developed by Dr. Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Ulloa. It is nestled in the magnificent Valle del Cauca in Colombia. Sugar Cane is harvested year round thanks to its privileged location. Castilla, S.A. will also go into production in the near future.


Jorge Enrique was born and raised in this beautiful place, hence his love and deep understanding and appreciation of the sugar cane industry. He is third generation to this family owned plantation and mill. He studied sugar engineering at Louisiana State University and worked for years both in Louisiana and at Riopaila S.A. He dreamt of being able to preserve this millenary product industrially so that the world could enjoy it. Here it is.


*United States Patent No. 6,245,153 B1: The patent and trademark have been registered for the Andean Pact Countries and all those countries that adhere to the Treaty of Paris (98.)