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We proudly offer our 100% Sugar Cane Juice Concentrate, a natural product with superb taste, color and texture that is energizing, nutritious and an excellent energy source. It is being produced under the brand name SUKKAR® and in Latin America it is known as CANE HONEY, or "honey from the reed", the ancient Chinese name.

It is delicious and one of the richest and most ancient sources of food known to man. We begin by specially selecting the cane when it is sweetest and then harvest it only by hand, as though it were a delicate fruit. It is never burned and has never been fumigated. Only the strictest biological controls are utilized.

Our Sugar Cane Juice Concentrate is made under an exclusive patented process* which preserves the flavor, policosanols, nutrients, minerals and vitamins naturally found in the sugar cane, very different from the process used to make refined sugar, which discards them.

It is easily reconstituted to 100% juice and delights the palate as a hot or cold drink on its own with the addition of water, or can be used as syrup, as a sweetener for any existing beverage such as coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, or in cooking or baking. 

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